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Final Fantasy 4 – Japanese play game – REVIEW


I would like to start my first article with a review of my favourite game – Final Fantasy. I hope you will enjoy it. If you like the article, please share and like with your friends.

Final Fantasy VI is a classic Japanese role play game remade for Android and iOS. It was originally released in 1994 for the SNES. It was originally released as Final Fantasy III because three of the other Final Fantasies had not been released in the US at the time. As you play the game, you will find yourself engrossed by the epic storyline. Its gameplay features interactive maps that the character walks around on, two flying ships the character can use to soar around the full world, and battles a character can enter. It has a classic turn-based style like that of most jprgs. You can play a total of 14 characters, each with their own engrossing background stories. This is the largest amount in any Final Fantasy game. This game features a classic feel with an epic storyline. It is getting a lot harder to find quality like this on Android and iOS. You will play for hours and hours.

final fantasy 4

You play most of the game as Terra, a victim of mind control enforced on her by the Empire. A thousand years before the events in the game, a great war called the War of the Magi changed the face of the world. They unleashed a magical cataclysm on the planet, which turned a number of humans into magical beings called Espers. The Espers were hunted down and used as soldiers. A thousand years later, magic is almost completely gone from the world. Steam power and engines have taken its place. The Empire, led by Emperor Gestahl found a way to harness magic as a weapon of war. He embarks on a journey of conquest powered by Magitek Armor.

Once in a while, you find a hidden gem on Android and iOS. This game puts most of Android and iOS to shame. This isn’t just a game. It is considered to be an epic piece of literature. The story line is a dramatic well written epic that hits on themes like philosophy, warfare and religion. There is love and tragic death. The themes are pitch black. There is genocide, slavery, and love lost and found. The characters become real people with their back stories and tragic woes. You see them develop. You learn their secrets and grow to love each one of them. Modern games developed on Android and iOS today don’t have the same spirit. They are usually just some dinky cartoon or poorly put together. Its not the same when you play a game like that. Its not just meant to be a distraction, its meant to tell a story and give you a message. You can play for months, finding all the secrets and loving every minute of the story. Final Fantasy 6 is art through and through. It will go down in history as a classic game and an amazing piece of literature. This game is a joy to play and can quickly become your favorite game. You will love every minute that you play it.